Tag Heuer V2 Tiger Woods PVD TI Golf Professional

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My mini one week review of my brand new TAG Heuer Grand Carrera watch. Get your genuine TAG at an affordable price on Amazon: www.amazon.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

10 Responses to “Tag Heuer V2 Tiger Woods PVD TI Golf Professional”

  • primesetter says:

    Tiger Woods is no more their brand ambassador. is that a real or a replica?

  • starjjoon says:

    To be honest, i think you have no clue on the watches.
    One thing I’m glad though, you bought the grand carrera.
    It’s on the highest line of the tag watches and also only tag watch that has
    Chronometere certification.
    But, next time when you buy a watch, search more about the brand
    that you are going to spend your money on.
    I think tag is the most horrible choice for a “nice” watch

  • alexneszmer says:

    You are aware that it is not battery powered, right?
    Nice review, thanks.

  • iamb0rk says:

    Nice watch, and thanks for showing more detail than in your last video. I would point out a few things, though: the finish on the metal around the seconds indicator is called Côtes du Genève; the hour markers on the dial are called indexes; “TAG Heuer” is not English – TAG stands for Techniques d’Avant Garde, and Heuer is the name of the man who founded the company; mechanical watches run on springs, and the winder winds the spring – it does not generate battery power. Otherwise, nice review.

  • iamb0rk says:

    @GiacomoHoldini smart man!

  • bencrom says:

    congratulations…you can read. booooorrrrrrriiiiiinnngggg

  • thewatchmanpr says:


  • zhihong110 says:

    battery power? lmao

  • dimec7 says:

    I have the same mindbreakin question and I am close to choose white dial with black leather bracelet

  • iamb0rk says:

    @housei74 i like it, get the black/blue dial. silver is too hard to read teh time during the day.

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